Your Loft Conversion Project

Before beginning a loft conversion, the loft conversion company of your choice will inspect and measure the loft to ensure there is enough space available to make a conversion possible. They will also check to make sure there is adequate headroom and space for the access stairs. A typical loft area ready for conversion is about 20-25 Sq. /m. Practically any loft area can be transformed into usable living space, provided there are no structural problems associated with the roof or the house itself.

Next, the loft conversion company like will sit down with you to discuss your needs, wishes and budget and cover the options available to you in consideration of the available loft space.

They will then design the loft conversion according to the latest building regulations or, if you prefer, work off of plans you may already have on hand. You may even wish to bring in your own plumber or electrician. Some loft conversion companies are happy to work with you in any way that suits you. The price quoted you at this time will not change unless you request structural alterations during the project. After plans are agreed upon, the loft conversion company will begin the paperwork necessary in order to obtain the necessary government approvals and permissions.

Once permissions are received, work can begin on your loft conversion whenever you are ready. Depending on the design chosen, the whole project can take as little as 6-7 weeks to complete. A contract manager will be available on site from the start of the job until it is finished. It is their job to deal with any problems that may come up and answer all of your questions about the construction of your new loft. The loft conversion company handles everything right up to the point when the loft is ready for decorating.

Video Transcript

welcome to love conversion com in this video we take you through the installation of some still work love conversions involved good amount of structural work most houses were never designed to allow for the additional loads created when converting the loft a simple solution usually involves adding some still work to carry the new habitable floor and additional roof construction whilst at the same time supporting the existing structure the steel sizes and connections are all calculated by a structural engineer and a fabricated away from science or during the steel requires some careful measuring and setting out and a sketch needs to be made there delivered to site and usually positioned in the roof space black crime yeah the steel beams carry the new floor joists and stud word that will form the new habitable space sometimes steals a spliced to enable simple installation especially in a terraced houses so you do not have to not through into a joining lofts especially useful when a party wall agreement is in place all the steelwork should be supported on load bearing walls and placed on concrete pad stones as specified by your structural engineer some fabrication on site is often needed drilling for the final position of a support post is a typical situation once the stills are all in a level the floor joists can become fixed given a good work in area



What To Note Before Thinking About Roof Conversions

Image result for home conversionsLoft conversions are, without a doubt, just one of the easiest and also most inexpensive methods which to increase the degree of room that you have readily available in your home. This article is likely to be about loft concepts, consisting of loft staircases ideas. Bear in mind; your area loft space conversion business must be able to allow you making the conversion!

Currently, among the main top loft ideas around could be to turn the attic into a room. It’s actually a wonderful way to broaden in the amount of rooms in your house. A good loft space conversion will not just provide you with a lots of benefit now however an excellent loft space conversion may additionally considerably improve the rate of your house when it comes to selling. Loft conversions might have all of the facilities that you would certainly have in various other bedrooms in your house. This can consist of a good quality electrical system.

Furthermore, you might even have to convert your loft right into a workplace. An excellent attic conversion offers you with a positive quiet space. As a matter of fact, when the loft is fashioned right, and you should take a look at this when you’re considering loft concepts, you’ll probably handle to remove most of the noise in your house when you are ‘up there’.

Plenty of job is put into a loft conversion. The days are gone where an attic room conversion is absolutely nothing greater than a dark and drab room. A quality loft conversion professional should be able to place in brand-new windows, make certain that the area is entirely live able, possibly by altering the way in which insulation develops there.

If you have actually obtained the appropriate group in on the conversion I have the ability to nearly assure you that the place is likely to look amazing, as with each area in the house. Sure, you’ll shed a certain quantity of cupboard area (if that’s just what you have the tendency to take advantage of your area for), however you’re most likely to end up getting something which looks a bargain far better and also, just, will certainly most likely supply you with a great space that you could embellish nonetheless you desire.

Image result for home conversionsRemember; you are actually most likely to think long and also tough concerning the positioning of your loft space stairways. Unfortunately, normally, the area surrounding a loft entrance is not going to be all that big. This could allow it to be hard to move some loft space stairs in that setting. Thankfully, your loft space conversion business are generally greater than able to share a few concepts with you. They will certainly be able to direct you in the appropriate instructions and clarify what treatment they believe could function. Sometimes, this will likely entail having some portable yet exceptionally stylish loft space stairs.

You will want to start thinking about loft space ideas today? You are just a telephone call away from your loft space conversion business. Are you likely to be going on with a loft space conversion and making great deals a lot more room in your home.

Considering a Home Extension

Some people prefer to have extended living spaces, as their family expands. Laying down about an amazing home expansion plan can be an ideal preference to enhance the utility and living space inside your existing home and accordingly bring up its whole value. To explore the complete possibility of a home extension or home renovation service in your existing property, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a home improvement or a house renovation specialist in your local area.


Regardless if you want for a larger kitchen or bathroom, an added bedroom with en suite, an extra living space, or a mix of all of these; a house extension option can absolutely enhance your home. Always bear in mind that only a reasonable design can produce highest benefits to your home and improve the quality of your life within.

There are a number of suggested home extension options to suit your needs and demands. The most popular ones you could consider are:

Single story extensions: Either done on the rear or side portion, a single story extension can be a fantastic choice to open up additional space in your home. The method is highly preferred as it is cost effective and causes minimal disruption. Different design varieties are available to match pitched tiled roof and flat roof constructions.

Dual or two-story extensions/ multiple story extensions: This type of home extension is proven to bring substantial improvement to the internal space at a nominal cost. A well planned two story rear or side extension design can provide significant ventilation and adequate room to effectively include your exact requirements.


loft extensionsWrap-around extensions: A wrap-around extension is a combination of the rear and side return extension to provide the client with maximum possible space. This type can be preferred to enlarge the kitchen and create a large kitchen-diner, possibly with a living area or to add more individual rooms. The advantage of this type of extension is that it can provide maximum space and noticeably alter the profile of your existing home and offer you the utmost amount of flexibility to precisely suit your needs.

Once you have decided to invest on a home extension project, the next crucial step is to search for a suitable construction company or a builder who has the perfect combination of experience and expertise to carry out your job. Ensure the credibility of the company by analyzing their project portfolio and feedback from previous customers….

Not all home extension or addition projects require planning permission. However, it is significant that you make sure with the local authorities whether your intended extension or home improvement requires planning permission. You can carry out certain types of house extensions without having to apply for permission. In certain areas and depending on your needs, planning permission may be necessary.